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Florida Divorce Issues: Parenting Plan

In Florida, divorcing couples with minor children must have a Parenting Plan. Even if all issues related to the children are agreed upon, a Parenting Plan is required.

A Parenting Plan must contain, at least, the following things:

  • Time-sharing schedule which setting forth the time that the minor child(ren) spend with each parent;
  • Allocation of decision-making responsibility and/or authority regarding both major decisions and daily tasks associated with the child;
  • A designation of which parent will be responsible for any and all forms of health care, school-related matters, and
  • The methods and technologies that the parents will use to communicate with the child(ren).

Time Sharing Schedule

A time-sharing plan describes the children’s living arrangement. It specifies the amount of time the child(ren) will spend with each parent. It details special occasions, holidays, and vacations.

Decision-making Authority

A Parenting Plan designates which parent will make major decisions for the child(ren). These include decisions related to education, healthcare, and religious upbringing. The parents can agree to jointly make these decisions if they feel they can work together. In an emergency, either parent may make decisions regarding a child’s health and safety.


A Parenting Plan must designate the preferred method of communication between the parents. This may be via email, text, or telephone. It is usually best to select an option that has a written record in the event disputes arise. In an emergency, the quickest option should be used.